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Apple, Amazon, Google named the world’s 3 most admired companies

 has come out with its annual list of the world’s most admired companies and it looks like big tech companies are once again the envy of the world. The survey, which asked corporate execs to name the companies that they admire the most, placed Apple, Amazon and Google in the top 3 spots while companies such as Samsung (No. 21), Microsoft (No. 24) and Facebook (No.38) also found spots on the list.

Apple’s place atop Fortune’s list isn’t surprising since it’s occupied that spot for 7 straight years now. The one chink in Apple’s armor, says Fortune, is that investors are getting nervous waiting for the company to release its “next big thing,” although that shouldn’t be too much of a concern for a company that hauled in $171 billion in revenues last year.

As for Amazon, Fortune says that it’s used both “customer-centric culture and super-convenience” to “gobble up brick-and-mortar stores left and right.” Even better, Fortunesays that Amazon’s “ambitions show no signs of abating: it recently jumped into the art market, and has started producing video, music, and literary content.”

And finally, Fortune writes that Google “continues to find ways to make life easier (sometimes creepily so) via mind-blowing Internet products” while also spending lots of resources on “moonshot” projects such as Google Glass and self-driving cars.


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