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This app will tell you when you’ll finally be able to fall asleep

A new application plans to help out with all those restless nights when falling asleep seems to be next to impossible, provided that your sleep disorder is related in any way to caffeine intake. Jawbone’s new “Up Coffee” mobile application will tell you when you’ll finally be able to fall asleep, or at least when that should happen according to your coffee habits.

Up Coffee requires a few personal details from you, Engadget reports, including sex, weight and caffeine tolerance. After that, the user will be responsible for strictly logging all beverages that contain caffeine for best results. Once that’s done, the app will be able to determine to some extent when the caffeine will no longer prevent you from enjoying a good sleep.

Up Coffee will be available for iPhone and iPad only for now, and it’s not clear whether an Android version will be made – apparently it depends on how successful the app is in iOS. While the app doesn’t actually require the purchase of a Jawbone Up wearable, as it works completely on its own, when combined with sleep data from Jawbone Up it’ll be able to offer even more interesting results.


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