Alexa for Windows 10 Now Released on Windows PC

alexa for windows 10

Today Amazon announced that the Alexa app for PC will be available for Windows 10 devices through the Windows Store.

You can download and install it on any Windows 10 PC, but only compatible devices will support Alexa wake word functionality.

With Alexa for PC, customers have access to thousands of the same capabilities they already love about Alexa.

No additional hardware is required, allowing anyone with a compatible device to experience Alexa. Just tap-to-talk to control smart home devices, ask questions, set timers and alarms, manage your calendar … and more.

– Amazon spokesperson.

The Alexa for Windows 10 app will give you access to now playing to control music and the ability to control smart home devices. Video, calls, Spotify, and more.

Amazon hasn’t added PC specific controls to ask Alexa to do access Windows features, but Amazon says “PC-specific capabilities will be added in early 2019 in addition to ongoing feature updates.”


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