5 Cool 360° Cameras for Making Sweet Virtual Reality Videos

For starters, VR videos meaning Virtual Reality videos are the kind of videos that gives you the first-person visual experience, making you feel like you are actually in the scene.

This also give you that in-depth feeling that makes you part of the environment and allows you look around your surrounding in every direction.
With the fast growing number of people testing out and creating cool VR contents, Getting the right equipments will help hasten and make the learning  process faster as people are already playing with different techniques and gadgets to get that professional VR feel.

Below are very cool 360° cameras you can consider for your next VR video project.


1. Ricoh Theta


Ricoh Theta
Ricoh Theta is one of the the best camera for capturing personal and professional 360° photos and VR videos. It comes with 25 minutes of full HD recording at 30 frames per second and can be easily carried to any location. It’s built to work with iPhones and Android phones.
With Ricoh Theta you can transfer the footage to your mobile or share it to your social networks via Wi-Fi. Although it is quite suitable for professional YouTube videos, the best use of this camera is for capturing your personal memories in the most exciting way. It can take up to 25 minutes of HD video footage or 260 photos.

2. Nokia OZO


Nokia OZO
The Nokia OZO is highly futuristic-looking spherical video camera. It is also one of the finest in capturing and filming immersive professional videos. Nokia OZO features eight video sensors that capture 45 minutes of 360° footage at 30 frames per second, synchronized with eight microphones for recording 360 x 360 surround sound.

OZO also comes with the feature of displaying all camera views at the same time with real-time monitoring and wireless control software, as well as precise sensor adjustments on the fly.


3. Giroptic 360 cam


Giroptic 360 cam


Giroptic is a feature-filled egg-shaped VR video camera that does complete 30 minutes of 360° capturing. It comes with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS, and several different capturing modes each of which produces cool high quality photos and videos.
One of its two cool feature like the light bulb adapter that allows you to hang the camera to the ceiling, which allows it to double as a surveillance or monitoring camera feed, and the other, you don’t need a particular software to edit or convert the footage.

Giroptic works with iOS, Android and Windows Phones.


4. Freedom360° GoPro Mount


Freedom360° GoPro Mount


For those who are into first-person view videos, no other camera captures the spur of the moment excitement than GoPro. With the right equipment, you can also use GoPro to produce 360° videos. i.e. using the Freedom360° GoPro Mount.
With this mount you can use six GoPro cameras to record six videos at a time that can later be stitched into a complete 360° VR video. You can hold the mount in any direction and capture everything around, without obstructions.


5. V.360



V.360 is more of a sports action camera that captures your best action-filled moments. It has the ability to photograph and film 360° scenes for an awesome VR video.
Features like GPS, Barometer, Altimeter and Accelerometer along with being dust, shock and water proof makes it truly and adventure cam. V.360 captures in adjustable resolutions, and Wi-Fi and USB connectivity lets you edit and watch your captured film from your computer.

It comes with a video converter software for both Mac and PC that converts the feed and make it uploadable to social network sites. To know more about this adventure-friendly camera, check out V.360 website.


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