Gloo.Ng Is Promising Two Hour Deliveries In Lagos

The Nigerian ecommerce website has unveiled a new express delivery service that will deliver the items you order from its website in two hours.

According to their blog,

In our quest to continue promoting the happiness of Busy Homemakers, we have launched a 2-HOUR EXPRESS DELIVERY SERVICE—to further save busy homemakers the hassles of supermarket visits. This service is unique and first-in-class in Nigeria! It extends the convenience of our award-winning same-day service (typically used for your monthly stock-up purchases) to last minute, emergency or unplanned purchases (typically needed before you get back home from work after missing the 12noon daily cut-off time for the normal same-day service). Hence, the ordering window for this new service is between 10am and 5pm daily. A minimum order of N4,000 is required, a maximum cap of N8,000 is what is allowed and home appliance products are excluded.

The system is built in such way that these conditions are verified at the point of checking out: ONLY orders that meet these above conditions will see the “2-Hour Express Service” option presented as part of the delivery options on the checkout page. All you have to do is select this option as delivery method if you want to use the 2-Hour Express service. Your ordered goods will be delivered within 2 hours of us sending you a Delivery Advice Confirmation message. The 2-Hour Express service attracts a N999 non-refundable delivery fee. Consequently, a 2-Hour Express Delivery order needs to be pre-paid before it can be processed.

Since the service is still in beta phase, we are presently limiting it to delivery locations on the Lagos Island i.e. all delivery locations in Lekki, VI, Ikoyi and Lagos Island proper. Once again: an order needs to be placed anytime between 10am and 5pm daily (excluding Sundays), between N4,000 and N8,000 in value, not include home appliance products, with delivery location on Lagos Island and be prepaid before the system can qualify it for and make available our 2-Hour Express Delivery Service option as part of delivery options for that order. Thank you.

I guess it’s time to put them to the test… first order right up!


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